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The town of Marine, Illinois was laid out in 1834, by George W. Welsh, James Semple, Jordan W. Jeffress and Abram (aka Abraham) Breath. It included a centralized park with wide streets that crossed each other at right angles and were named. Business houses were erected along the main street which was named Duncan Street running from north to south through the town. The town was given the name in remembrance of the early settlers being sea-faring pioneers. In the early days, many referred to Marine as Marinetown.

The town was platted on 10 May 1836, and recorded in the Madison County Courthouse on 14 July 1836 by Abram Breath, George W. Welsh and Mary Welsh.

As one stands along the parade route awaiting the parade, let's reflect on some of the historical buildings surrounding the park as designated on the map.

1. Village of Marine Park


2. Bandstand


3. Wentz Hardware

4. Vogelbacher's Bakery

Vogelbacher's Bakery

5. Parkview Cafe'

Parkview Cafe'

6. L.A. Richardson's Drug Store

L.A. Richardson Drug December 8,1915

7. Schaefer's Store

Schaefer's Store'

8. School Grounds

School Grounds

9. Charles Gravius Memorial Library

Charles Gravius Memorial Library

By Shirley Daiber

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